Nazanin Moghbeli

Nazanin Moghbeli is a Philadelphia based artist who creates works on paper using ink, gauche, and graphite. Her ink drawings reference ancient Iranian calligraphy, and she uses traditional calligraphy materials to create this work. Her gauche paintings are created based on the Iranian "radif" system of music, which is comprised of 7 "dastgahs" or modes, with characteristic intervals and sounds.


Her  work is heavily informed by her experience as an Iranian woman. She has traveled throughout Iran and the Middle East, and has studied traditional Persian miniature illumination, music, and painting. She earned her degree in painting at Swarthmore College.


Iranian music provides a strong influence in her work. She has been a long-time student and performer of Iranian classical music. The distinct melodic patterns and rhythms evoke different palettes and linear responses, which lend a complexity and subtlety to these works.